Freitag, 21. Januar 2011

Jonathan Safran Foer was in Berlin

At the end of every year, I set up some objectives and events - conferences, festivals, concerts - I would like to attend. My chance is that I have many new years in a 12 months span, so I can optimistically look after good results in relatively short periods of time. And it works admirably good. 
One of my priorities for the next months is to focus on quality writing and to finish the project of two books, not novels or connected with literature, but at a certain extent a proof of my commitment to writing.
As in any kind of intellectual plan, you need an approach and the creative ambiance. 
(My writing by now sounds disgustingly stereotypical).
This need is translated into the systematic search for such creative occasions and Berlin is for the moment, for me the right place to live. A similar impression was shared by Jonathan Safran Foer yesterday evening, at the very beginning of the literary evening at Fritz Club, in Ostbahnhof. He was together with Karen Duve, author of a book about not eating animals. I forgot to mention: JSF lectured and talked about his book "Eating Animals", in a city and a country where this issue is more than a personal choice, but a philosophy of life and political message. 
At the entrance, people dressed in cows were distributing to the long queue leaflets about veganism. I've heard that a big pro-animals gathering will take place on Sunday, but as I will be out of town, didn't check in detail the information. 
From all the books of JSF, Eating Animals is on the last place of preferences. On the first place: the newly Tree of Codes which will offer me food for thought and write for a long time. (I got an autograph from JSF on this book). But, obviously, here, the high attendance was motivated by the subject, as many of those present were overtly nodding every time it was issued a sentence in favor of veganism.
The discussion was smart, but mediated by a not an impressive moderator and I was expecting a direct discussion between Foer and Duve, followed by a discussion with the public. I am not good in number, but probably there were more than 350 persons, in two rooms - one with direct access to the discussion, one in a smaller room nearby, with people only watching a screen. 
But, at the end of the three hours, it was an inspiring evening and got a lot of good thoughts for what I want to do. Thanks to Berlin, too...

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