Samstag, 1. Januar 2011

My New Year in Berlin

I am not a big fan of New Year's Eve celebrations, but I like the idea of beginnings of any kind. I like to make plans, to follow them, to enjoy myself when I am reaching my goals and reconsider my plans when the time is working against me. 
I rarely enjoy celebrating NYE in the city when I am living and when this is happening, I prefer small gatherings or going out, as on any other special occasions when I don't work the next day and I can meet friends and relatives. 
But, as yesterday me and my family we were all home, in our Berlin home, but not keen to have a special loud celebration, we decided that it will be a usual happy Friday evening, gathering all of us together, far away of computers, cellphones and any other attractions. We had a long dinner, with a glass of red good wine. We visited shortly our neighbours, ready for partying in various corners of the city and gave them as a present, a bottle of wine, that we hope we will taste together very soon this week. The weather was not so cold - I don't remember the degrees, but not too many double digits minus. Around 14.00, we remembered that we need to shop some small things, and we had some thoughts about how socially clumsy we are after 20 minutes walk and all shops closed - at the end, we hurried up in the first Lidl and the emergency was solved.
After the meal, we read a book and played a kiddy game. The fireworks started around 16.00 and didn't stop than after 2 AM - or at least then we, the adults, fell asleep, as the kid continued to watched mesmerized the colourful and peaceful explosions. And, under the sound pressure, we decided that we need to take a short walk, at least for one hour, to see how the world looks like on Ku'damm. Around 21.00, we started our short trip, crossing young groups with fireworks and trying to avoid the snow falling from the roofs. We did it successfully, without being hurt by both. Ku'damm was full of tourists, the fancy restaurants were full of people, a party was ongoing at Kempinsky and we took a look at the glamorous outfits of both men and women. We laugh thinking that we were, all of us, like the Little Match Seller, but it is fine sometimes to be yourself and have a look on the other sides of the social world. We were happy as we are and we didn't have any wish of grandeur. And, with happy smiles and careful steps for not sliding on ice we returned home after two hours, a bit trembling and with the wet shoes. It was a good funny night and we had another glass of red wine before falling asleep for more than our usual five-hour sleep.
Wish everybody a peaceful and funny 2011!

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