Mittwoch, 9. Februar 2011

Berlinale - hunting for tickets

I waited for Berlinale 12 months. I made a careful list of several movies I would like to see - about 10.
Because I love making plans and accomplishing it. doesn't work this time.
First: I wanted to go to buy the whole bunch of tickets the last week. No chance, all the counters were closed. 
I repeated the experience today - after unsuccessfully trying to make a reservation via the Internet and the website got blocked several times (why should I pay additional costs for the online ticketing?): went again to Arkaden "mall" (forget the usual North American - or even Asian - representation of this word) and waited in line for 50 minutes. But, after almost one hour of waiting, in a very multicultural company (and this was the nice part of killing the time there), I was repeated politely that I can make reservations only 3 days in advance. In other words, I was able to buy only 1 (one) ticket. And I will have to repeat this experience tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Funny? I don't know. At least, I had the occasion to share my nervosity to the quiet girls from the counters - about the website, the unfairness of this 3-day in advance treatment...The sweet answer is that they know those problems already and they do their best to solve all the issues in due time. Nice!
To be continued...
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