Montag, 21. Februar 2011

Movie review: No place to go

Still from the category "movies", an older one, I watched at the end of the last year: "No place to go" or, in the German version: Die Unberührbare (used for the Indian cast of the Untouchables).
Hannah Flanders, once a glamorous author and left-journalist, living in Munchen, is keen to move to Berlin, after the news of the fall of the Wall. Here, he is facing not only sentimental deceptions but also realize that the communist ideas she supported from her Western fancy appartment while financially supported by her bourgeois parents, weren't shared by the East Berliners. The reality of the deteriorated appartments from the East, in the middle of no man's lands separating an area from another, in contrast with the familiarity of the hotels from the West is obvious. Her life-long ideals are falling in the same time with the bricks of the wall.
The movie is sharing a bit of the traditional conflict between North and South, Berlin and Munich and the eternal denial of the Western Germany left. 
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