Donnerstag, 24. Februar 2011

Berlinale, the love after

Berlinale is over, obviously. In my case, given some family and professional reasons, I ended up exactly one week ago, but I have only now some more time to filter my - not too many memories and very personal impressions.

As I previously wrote, for me it was the first time since I live here when I attended an extended program at the best European film festival. Last year doesn't count, as I attended only one evening, at Arsenal, of short movies. Not to many things, really.

This year, I was more than ready and even convinced some of my hectic friends to join me for some screenings and was extremely happy to meet international people visiting the Berlinale. Good memories and discussions and, from this point of view, Berlinale was an excellent social opportunity.

For finishing short with the negative part: What I didn't like AT ALL - the mess with getting the tickets, reserving the tickets, waiting in line, missing good opportunities because of the creepy website, the unfriendly presentation of the movies - both in print or online.

What I enjoyed: the mass of people moving around Potsdamerplatz looking for movies, talking about movies, the usual Babel I was hearing for every screening, the nice, cosy and intellectual discussions after and before the screenings, the good German translations of the movies - even not always necessarily, but I am get used now with this obsession of translating almost every single movie - the smart film directors and actors presents for various events, the shuttle bus connecting various places, the chance to live in Berlin.

Nice memories already.
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