Donnerstag, 2. Juni 2011

Bread and chocolate

It is not the Washington DC's famous bakery, and it's not a film review either. What I want to talk about it's the nice coffee shop from Charlottenburg, Berlin, Germany.

A place a wanted to go many times in the last weeks, but I was always in a hurry or not in the mood to stop for eating and/or drinking something. 

But yesterday was a different day and I finnally opened my first embassy here.

The first impression: a small place, with a couple of tables inside, and three outside, not crowded but with almost all the tables taken. At the entrance, many announcement of many kinds: a coming yoga festival, some offers for teaching Spanish and Italian.

The rhythm of the day was opera, which I didn't hear for a very long time. (To-do-list: going to the opera). I ordered a honey and cinnamon chocolate - the most 'normal' among various choices with ginger, chilly... - not too sweet, but not tasteless either, a carrot cake - homemade, good looking and good tasting - and an icecream. The whole adventure was worthy 5.50 Euro. 

If you don't want to jump first to the dessert, you can find various choices of paninis. And if you are too tired, strong, normal coffees are offered. 

Here you can find on sale as well drinking chocolate, glass plates and mugs - some of them used for customers - and other chocolate-based products. 

The carrot cake, the carrot cake and nothing else but the carrot cake
Honey and cinnamon hot chocolate

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