Mittwoch, 1. Juni 2011

Eating Dao

Given my passion for Asian food, I can't wait to try new restaurants and styles. As in the Savigny Platz area is a high concentration of Thai, Chinese, Japanese and anything Asian - maybe nothing from Singapore - it's not so difficult to make a choice. A couple of months ago, I tried Dao, an intimate restaurant, serving Thai food. 

The service, as in many Thai restaurants in Europe I've been too, is very fast and people are always smiling to the customers- the smile as part of the local brand is veritable. Fresh drinks are available and highly recommended. 

On the walls you'll find many pictures portraying moments from the life of the Thai royal family so while waiting for your meals - not too much time - you can discover also fragments of the history of this country.

The prices are fine - minimum 8 Euro - but they fuly deserve the tips and the smiles back.

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