Dienstag, 21. Juni 2011

Preußenpark for the day

On week-ends and holidays, if you stop at Konstanzerstrasse you will observe a permanent coming and going of Asian people, mostly Thai, running toPreußenpark, one of the biggest gatherings of Thai and Vietnamese people in town. A massage - Thai, of course - or maybe a new haircut, or simply some "freshly" prepared food. There are any other attractions too in the area - as, for example, a big gambling table with real gamblers guarded by too real non-Asian body-guards and theor dogs - or elegant outfits of ladies with high heels jumping happy to see each other on the ground. It is not only exotism, but a certain air of China town, disguised this time as a "China" park.

People were not too happy to see me with the camera and at least in the morning when I landed first, I was welcomed with loudly shouted "Nein" when wanted to do my ''job". And the place was almost empty, in this June morning. 
I've been told lately that the residents from the area are permanently unhappy with the noise and activities from the park and are very often submitting their requests for stopping those activities to the concerned authorities. 
A couple of hours laters, my presence was hardly acknowledged so felt more free to take my pictures and to observe the nature, ambiance and the rhythm of life, reminding me a bit more about the markets in Bangkok. 

This is another slice of Berlin and, at least at the first sight, apparently innocent and full of flavors and colors. Not a bad opportunity to spend a week-end in a different kind of West side of Berlin, with various opportunities to observe the new society of Germany's capital city.

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