Dienstag, 21. Juni 2011

Questions of history

When I saw first this building at Witzlebenstrasse, in Charlottenburg, I was curious what institution could be hosted there. Huge rooms, big windows, massive stone walls. I walk a couple of steps and I saw the memorial note remembering those killed following the decisions took by the Supreme Military Court of the Third Reich.
During the First World War, German military law enabled military courts to try not only soldiers but also civilians held to have violated the military law. The situation continued during the Third Reich, which the Court served from this location from 1936 till 1943 - when it was transferred to Torgau. In 1951, the building became the temporarily base of the Berlin Kammergericht (Appelate Court). Since 2005, it is a private estate, hosting private appartments and various companies. I would hesitate a lot before deciding to move, live or work here...

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