Donnerstag, 15. September 2011

AlliiertenMuseum - Allied Museum - Musée des Alliés

All those passionate about WWII and Cold War should visit - for free - this museum situated in the middle of a quiet green residential area close to Krumme Lanke. The information displayed - in the yard and in the two separate sections - is available in German and English, you are offered movies documenting the daily life of the UK, French and American troops and the personnel speaks English. 

You can take pictures - without flash - or buy books about the West Berlin and the period following the end of the war. You need to spend here maximum two hours and at the end of the visit you'll conclude that it was an useful choice. 

The Hastings TG 503, produced since May 1946, the largest transport machine of the Royal Air Force, used during the Berlin Airlift

Checkpoint Charlie guardhouse - 1986-1990

The Strasbourg-Berlin French military trained, used till 1982

Memories of the Berlin Blockade

Douglas C-54 propeller

Remember the nuclear hysteria?

Berlin spy tunnel - A Reconstruction

French memories
A former outpost from the Wall

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