Montag, 12. September 2011

Monday exhibitions' tour

In general, Monday is a quiet and lazy days for museums, but if you have some insights you'll discover that there are a couple of places where arts could be admired, sometimes for free.

One such an example is Automobil Forum Volkswagen, at Unter den Linden 21. Periodically you can see here interesting exhibitions. Long time ago I've seen an exhibition about salt, today I admired a couple of wonderful photographic trips across Australia, by Peter Jarver, an expert in capturing on camera the mysteries of storms. The corners discovered by him are an amazing invitation to go and live there, as you can deeply feel the freedom of the high distances and the colors of the wild nature. The exhibition is presenting for the first time some black-and-white photographies, the result of Jarver's exploration in the indigenous areas. Each picture - on purchase for prices starting from 1.100 Euro - is accompanied by a short explanation of the context the picture was took, in English and German. You can still visit it till the end of October.

As a good example of public diplomacy, the exhibition is also offering a short introduction into the works and life of Ludwig Leichhardt, a famous German scientists who explored Australia's wildlife at the end of the 19th century.

Another stop on today's visual adventure was Deutsche Guggenheim offering each Monday to the visitors free entrance. Until 9 October you can watch a collection of videoinstallations titled: Once upon a time. Fantastic narratives in contemporary video. There were plenty of people around, including the guides - nice youngsters offering explanations in English and German. A labyrinth of short movies, exploring the human condition in various circumstances - dealing with the daily mechanical work, the present projections and recreation of the past, the daily routine. The exhibition is an investigation of the ways in which the realities could be re-written and re-interpreted taking into consideration the smallest details neglected in the originary meta-narrative. 

Overall, it was a pleasant start of the week. Looking for other surprises kept in the Berlin's box. 
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