Montag, 3. Oktober 2011

The amazing world of Hokusai

I haven't been to Martin Gropius Bau for one year, when I waited in line 7 (seven) hours for seeing Frida Kahlo's exhibition. I am still thinking from time to time how I can be as brave sometimes. 

Anyway, this time (a Monday) I didn't need to wait for too long: I bought the ticket (9 Euro, the kids till 17 free) in a couple of minutes and for the next three hours I spent a kind of magic time. I admired some of Hokusai's works while in Japan, but never saw his whole amazing artistic evolution. A rich and extremely diverse work - reflected in his so Japanese way of changing the name up to various stages of evolution - touching upon the cultural and historical life of Japan, with influences from the Chinese painting and a diplomatic introduction of the European perspectives. For our Western eyes it is not always an easy exercise and not all his works are of equal value. But each is telling a story about a specific cultural pattern. 

Fully recommended for touritsts and locals as an open door to the rich Japanese cultural heritage.

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