Dienstag, 25. Oktober 2011

A Foreigner in the Prinzessinnengarten

In Berlin, gardening is more about knowing almost everything about plants and looking for healthy food. Prinzessinnengarten is an example of creating communities aiming to re-symbolize the public/urban space by a return to a natural normality. 
I didn't pay too much attention to the botanical variety and I can't say what species I saw, but I always appreciate the richness of nature.

Memories of a Japanese garden transplanted into the urban lanscape of Berlin.
 What about a night in this inn?
 Creative design gardening

And various creative water-systems.

When I visited the Garden, it was late summer and there were various events organized there. I didn't find any gardener to talk with, but found the idea - of gardening - as appealing, although I am not sure that I can force myself into a gardening life any time soon. For the case of Berlin, gardening is more than a hobby, as the activity is reaching a social message, aiming to protect nature and to encourage the natural life, against the technicalities and impersonalizations of the daily modern life. We are in the country of the Frankfurt School, isn't it?
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