Montag, 3. Oktober 2011

Evening eating @Coa

I've been several times at Coa and don't have reasons to complain. The ambiance is fine, the service fast and the food affordable and good (at least the vegetarian dishes I've tried) and the location is great, preferably mostly during the summer when you can admire the busy coming and going around Potsdamer Platz.
Let's have a look at my menu for tonight:
Dim sum/Asian dumplings in bamboo basket with cream cheese - four little ones - 3.50 Euro. Newly introduced on my menu: maybe the dumplings are too small, but tasty. The sauce is interesting to explore also with the noodles.

Thai-style rice band noodles fried with tamarind sauce, spring onions and egg, served with crumbed peanuts, lime and fresh soya shoots - 6.90 Euro. This is what I constantly order and neved had unpleasant surprises. Moderately spicey, good tofu, sweet sauce.

Peach creme with green tea - 2 Euro (obviously, sweets aren't the strong points of Asian cuisine)

Latte macchiato - 1.90 Euro
Regularly, they feature special dishes from Asian countries, the latest trend being two specialities made in Indonesia, whose cuisine is completely unknown to me. 
I should go back soon, probably.

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