Montag, 10. Oktober 2011

The idea of noodles

The offer from Asia Pavilion @Potsdamer Platz Arkaden, open on Sundays

One of the first things I started to practice in Berlin was Noodles. The small - or big - paper cheap (still) boxes stuffed with vegetables and noodles aren't an attribute of poverty but of the busy and hungry life at an affordable price. You can buy them from the U-Bahn stations, from the street, from the big malls and...anyway, isn't so hard to find them and the price is of 2.50 (When I moved, it used to be around 2.15, but, you know we are going through difficult times in Europe). With chicken or fully vegetarian, your dear box will be ready in about 5 minutes and as a busy tourist (the only category very busy in Berlin) you can continue your trip around the city. And it's healthier than a after-work bottle of beer (as many employed and unemployed Berliners do). 
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