Donnerstag, 7. März 2013

Day 2 at ITB

It was another busy day for me at the ITB, when I had to run a lot, discovering many interesting Pavilions. I dedicated today to the European side, with some Latin American flavors. I will keep the Asia for tomorrow, with some drops of Central America. 

An excellent design of the Hungarians, with many offers and nice people.

The famous Cransmontana is ready to seduce the German public - not only the VIPs

Live painting at the Polish Pavilion

Live music at the lively and colourful Indian Pavilion

Wine bottles growing on the shelves

Who does not need Spain, after all?

A welcoming Iraqi corner

In a break of law-and-order

Arts-in-process at the Turkish Pavilion

Ukrainian popular artists

The Latin American section is the best looking and interesting by now. I have not been in the Asian section yet...

The Cold War is over and dead for ever. Otherwise you would not have seen such a neighborhood.

An example of how the famous Panama is made

The colours of lively Mexico

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