Sonntag, 10. März 2013

ITB 2013 - the last day

Honestly, I was a bit more than tired today, but I covered all I wanted and needed to cover in order to have a full image of the countries and companies participating at ITB Berlin 2013. I even had the chance to stumble upon some nice companies offering various IT and technology services tailored for the tourism industry. 

My plan for today was: Central America - amazing and full of life; some Golf countries - colourful, with a lot of Henna painting, and many airline companies offering virtual tours to the visitors. 

In the afternoon, the ambiance was quite relaxed, with not so many visitors and journalists around. Many Pavilions were already closed or about to close. All the PR companies were gone, some of the Spanish tour operators were probably afraid to go out by the sudden winter returning seriously to the city in the last 24 hours. I did not see anyone at Lebanon as well, the white chairs being used for temporary stops of exhausted visitors.

A couple of 'entrepreneurs' were trying to sell tickets in the U-Bahn/S-Bahn area, for 10 Euro, even though after 2pm, the price went to 8 Euro. I am not sure either if the tickets were available. Anyway, it was no reason to buy 'black' tickets when the maximum waiting time at the cashier was around 3 minutes! 

I made a tour of the food counters, and was unpleasantly surprised to see that an usual bowl of noodles, sold for around 3.50 Euro, was evaluated at the ITB for...10 Euro. The food was not looking as almost perfect samples of exquisite Asian cuisine. Better waiting two more hours and eating some fresh food at home! 

Dances and joy from Nicaragua

This time Israel had a big nice Pavilion.  Today, was a busy day

Adventure parks, German version

Egypt is trying to get more tourists, with various cultural offers

What happened in Thailand stays in Thailand

The henna experience

The optical illusion of the dunes of sand?

An exquisite art of filling the glasses, Andalusian way

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