Freitag, 8. März 2013

Day 3 at ITB

Today was the last day for businesses and media at ITB Berlin. Less people than in the other days, maybe also because I was a bite late and my enthusiasm to run from a Pavilion to another decreased significantly.  

Most events I saw on the run today were somehow related to eating. In most cases, the spaces between pavilions is too small for a big number of guests. It is hard to socialize in peace with a glass of wine and a small sandwich without bothering those coming and going.

I visited the Asian section, with a look at the Indonesian Pavilion, where there were a lot of actions and prizes were given. I loved Thailand for the design and Japan - where regularly classes on Japan culture and civilization are held. Exhausted after so many hours and days of intensive walking and writing, I ordered a smoothie with banana, orange and kiwi and got the super powers to go back home. 

Tomorrow I am busy with my personal life, but I plan to return on Sunday, for more pictures and some fresh insights about how the general public is welcoming the tempting offers from the fair.

Till then, more pictures and the promise of new posts soon!

The feeling of spring at Japan Pavilion

The Indonesian boat is ready to conquer the German tourists

Events at the Indonesian Pavilion

The heart beating of Thailand

Attracted by the spices, I entered a small room where I discovered amazing things about the Indonesian art of massage and the amazing ingredients used

Hello from Papua!

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