Freitag, 8. März 2013

Lufthansa at ITB

10 minutes before entering ITB, I entered the mood of the fair thanks to Lufthansa. From early in the morning till the program is over, the representatives of Lufthansa, strategically positioned near the closest S-Bahn station to the fair are distributing leaflets, bags and - in the first day - also some cold coffee to the participants and visitors. While visiting the side, I was also offered a lipgloss and some TicTac bombons. 

The main information distributed is the special offer of 49 Euro from Berlin to different destinations, an offer available for the summer at The offers booked via Lufthansa can offer various discounts within the Hilton network in Europe.

The welcome team of Lufthansa at work

Be a guest at Lufthansa. Honesty, I don't remember when I was the last time with Lufthansa...

I love the design of the Pavilion. 
The Lufthansa Pavilion looks very elegant, plane-style, where the visitor can experience the pleasure of being the guest of the company for an indeterminate duration of the flight. It is not a flight simulator, but a pleasant corner where you can see for a couple of minutes why it is important to fly Lufthansa. As far as I saw, there it is the only airline companies present at the ITB offering more than leaflets and a nice sweet or eventually a pen. 

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