Samstag, 7. Dezember 2013

Afternoon coffee at the Digital Eatery

The winter inspires me to find out as many indoor activities as possible. After spending almost the entire pleasant summer on the road, I missed a lot of places and now I am trying to cover interesting places that I did not have enough time to discover before. After a marathon in town for one full day, I needed a coffee break in a new place and the Digital Eatery, Microsoft's branded corner, was the most convenient choice. As I am not a geek - and the chances of becoming one in the next decade are extremely limited - so I visited only the eatery, a small part of the 3,000 sqm. and 4 stores branding Microsoft on Friedrichstrasse, close to the iconic Brandenburg Gate. 
This is the first and only open center of Microsoft, in a city that excessively branded the 'start-up heart of Europe'. Following the model of Google, whose fancy yet small offices are on the other side of the road, the company does not aim to make big businesses in Berlin, but rather to brand the company and offer opportunities to the startups and small e-initiatives. Workshops and seminars are regularly hosted here, as well as various meetings between the representatives of various industries, especially in the Microsoft Atrium.
After so much walking, I enjoyed ambiance of the Eatery, whose relaxed mood can give you the feeling of being somewhere in a cozy Village corner. Music from the 1970s was playing in the background, not necessarily my musical preferences, but supportable enough for the rest of the customers. While you drink your coffee - or have a green salad or sandwich - , you can check for free some fancy Microsoft devices, enjoy the blessings of the free wlan and the latest travel apps - my choice - or to browse the travel guides of Berlin strategically placed close to the entry. A good idea, as the place is right on the tourist way and many English-speaking tourists are tempted to stop here for a while. 

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