Dienstag, 24. Dezember 2013

Restaurant review: Rice Queen on Danzigerstrasse

The last Saturday evening, we were a bit tired and a bit more confused about what to do. As usual, we turned to the East side of the city for more inspiration. For the first time in more than a year, we went slowly on Danziger strasse, on both sides of the street, looking to find out a decent restaurant for a smart easy light meal. We spotted the Rice Queen and after checking the menu at the entrance, we were convinced to enter. 
It was quite busy, with a lot of local people enjoying late family meals. The restaurant seems to be another reconverted space from the area. It also has small tables for couples. The service is fast and pleasant. The background music was nice not too loud. The restrooms looked decent, but not impressive, with some old Chinese soap advertising near the ceiling. The prices are Eastern Berlin-style, meaning more than affordable. 
I started with a Jasmin-Rose tea that was not too perfumed and flavoured, a lot of water and not too much tea leaves. 
My choice of entrée was Su Wor Tip, some small pancake pockets with a mixture of veggies and soy sauce. There were a bit burned on sides but overall fine, an almost neutral taste. 
My partner chose something very inspired, as usual: 5 spices tofu. There have been identified at least 4 main spices - cinnamon, anise, pepper, cloves. Maybe it was too oily and maybe too sweet too, but overall was considered a good choice and healthy enough after some heavy meals on Friday evening. 
Call me unlucky - at least when it comes to order food - but my Pad Thai was a disappointment. The tofu looked like plastic and it was too salty for any normal taste. It looked as a couple of spices and veggies and the noodles were thrown soullessly together and brought to my table. Again, a very big disappointment.
The dessert saved the meal. Crispy spring rolls filled with banana, soaked in honey, sesame, almond and coconut sauce. Warning: it is very sweet, but 3 pieces are enough to make you feel full, especially after some modest or even less than modest mains. 
We left the Rice Queen convinced that the next time, we should try other restaurants on Danziger strasse. I am sure that till the next time there will be even more temptations, as the area is changing very fast. 

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