Donnerstag, 2. Oktober 2014

Foodie Berlin: Brunetti's Veganarium

I am not necessarily vegan - a good roasted piece of meat is always welcomed into my menu - but for various reasons - also as a very beginner cook interested in new recipes and methods - I keep testing and testing vegan food and restaurants. No wonder that yesterday I decided to have my lunch outdoors, in the front of the new Brunetti's Veganarium. The ambiance inside - with peace and love signs and daily quotes, although a bit dark, it's equally pleasant, but rather preferred to enjoy a mild sunny day outside. The service was fast and till my order was ready, I was served with some home made bread with rosemary and cheese, plus some olives. The bread was not fresh from the oven, but tasty though and the olives a bit oily, but welcomed to calm down a bit my hunger. The drink companion: typical Berlin Proviant lemonade, simple lemon taste.  
The prices are fine - not your neighbouring fast-food, but still acceptable for a limited budget. Every day, there are special offers - between 11 and 20 o'clock - under 10 Euro. The menu, certified by Germany's Vegetarian Association - is relatively basic, with daily house-made cakes and breads, as well as smoothies or spaghetti, mostly big salads and pizzas. Special breakfast are also available, for around 10 Euro, combining besides the classical coffee or coffee and a juice, also salads, or porridge
I went for a gnocchi with pesto. As the olives, it was a bit too oily and too salty for my taste, but the gnocchi were full flavoured, with a herbal autumnal spicy mixture of the green leaves. 

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