Freitag, 31. Oktober 2014

Inside the Aquadom Berlin

An accidental intruder in the lobby of Radisson Blu Hotel will be surprised to notice a huge aquarium just in the middle of the elegant lobby. Part of the SeaLife Aquarium in Berlin, the dome has a life of its own, with colourful fish springing in all directions.
The ticket from the dome can be purchased from the Aqualife and at the end of the ride, you might be allowed to go one more time - ask for a fish stamp on your fist from your guide.
After a couple of minute of waiting time, you are invited inside the dome, a three level cylinder, where is very warm - due to the temperature of the water, of around 27C. During the 10 minutes or so ride, the guide explains in German and English. The blue and yellow fish, run fast in the claire-obscure ambiance. Given the warm, one can start thinking about the perfect time to start your meditation/relaxation practise. 
The 25 metre tall cylindrical glass aquarium, has the largest acrylic cylinder in the world. Inaugurated in 2004, it has a 11-metre diameter, being situated on a 9-metre tale foundation.
Inside, there are around 1,000,000 litre of water, for 1,500 fish belonging to 97 species. An amount of 8 kg. of food is brought to them daily. Every day - except Wednesdays - the visitors can witness the ritual of fish feeding. A coral reef environment was created as well, in order to give a touch of authenticity of the aquarium, that in the middle of the modern construction of the hotel can look as a very futurist project, both from inside and outside.  
 Slowly, slowly our cylinder arrives on the top of the building.
The way back to the base, is even more pleasant, as everyone is already used with the ambiance, and the feeling of uncertainty of being under water diminished. So, when the journey is finished, I experience a bit of frustration as I wanted maybe to stay a bit more. Maybe have a long afternoon in the aquarium, relaxing, reading something or sipping a fruity cocktail too. 
The DomAquarée hosted by the hotel also includes restaurants and conference venues, as well as a small bar. Special occasions - especially weddings - can also be celebrated here, many local considering the venue a very romantic place for new beginnings. 

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