Montag, 13. Oktober 2014

Ku'damm by night

Yesterday night, after a full day of indoor work, I decided to take a little walk on Ku'damm. The main intent was to spot some interesting colourful corners adorned on the occasion of the Festival of Lights, but the harvest was relatively modest. Instead, I played a bit with the camera, the combination of lights and shadows that gave to the old discrete buildings a completely new and much stronger personality.

 Even the nature looks different under the street light...
I pass near this building very often, but I hardly notice all the details that were almost revealed during the last night short trip.
 The only happening of the Festival of Lights was the Neue Kanzler's Ecke...

 Waldorf Astoria playing some discrete lights on the very top.
 At Europa Center.

On the way back home, I spent some good minutes trying to catch the right contrast of the tree projection on the yellow wall of a house on Pfalzburgerstrasse. 

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