Mittwoch, 24. April 2013

A visit at Frau Tonis Perfume Manufaktur

Another Berlin brand

I carry in my agenda the presentation leaflet of Frau Tonis Perfume Manufaktur for almost 6 months. As I usually don't travel too much in Berlin during the winter, I needed more sun and a lighter schedule for a busy in an area that local people don't like it too much because always crowded and too touristic. The factory where original perfumes are made is situated in Stadmitte, minutes away from Checkpoint Charlie. The shop was opened three years ago, but the recipes are carefully cultivated in the family of Frau Tonis since 1926. 

I was the only customer of the coquette white-walled shop. Dozen of old-fashioned pharmacy bottles are arranged on the table, with etiquettes mentioning their content. In the middle of the table, a box with coffee beans, that I was explained by the nice lady in charge with the customers, is supposed to be smelled in order to neutralize the previous smell and make possible the recognition of the new smell even after trying all the bottles from the shop. For minutes, I surprised myself opening bottle after bottle and trying to decide which perfume suits me. By far, the jasmin combination are addictive, plus the linen - one of the traditional scents of Berlin. In the laboratories - situated behind the counter,  also Marlene Dietrich's favourite scent -'Reines Veilchen' - is prepared. 

The perfumes are unisex and in case that you are not happy with the variety ready made, you can prepare your own. If you use the scents available in the shop, your unique perfume may be ready in 5 minutes. If you have some extravagant idea, you might be disappointed as the olfactive creativity has some limits. A unique bottle of 50 ml. may cost 75 Euro, and 125 Euro for the 100 ml. A Berlin set of 3 bottles x 15 ml. is 44 Euro.  

Besides the perfumes, home perfumes and soaps are available. The prices are acceptable, the ambiance is inviting and if you really love the idea and the prices, workshops for small groups or companies. The big fashion companies are producing at least one new scent each season. Why to use a traditional perfume then? Because it is unique and send a special message of style. You may be not another girl wearing Chanel - that I equally love - , but the sophisticated lady in love with jasmin and peppermint. 

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