Mittwoch, 17. April 2013

Colourful shopping @Pylones

Right in the middle of the fancy heart of the high-class shopping district in Berlin, on Ku'damm 225, a oasis of colours and gift ideas, at affordable prices compared to the average of prices displayed by other shops around. It is called Pylones and it comes from Paris.

An invitation to more colours
At the first sight, the collection of colours - from toasters to hair brushes and animal head - shaped plates - does look aggressive and a little bit kitsch. However, if you have the time and look at each object you may find the idea of buying a present from here from someone sweet back home more than lovely. In spring and summer and not only, we need life and positive energy and a bit of eccentricity and at Pylones you can encourage the kid in you. 

Idea for the garden or for the children's room

The personnel is welcoming, English speaking and ready to help. The music can be loud sometimes, but it is a reminder that you can also rock the world in your own colours.

Overwhelmed by the colours, isn't it?

Your kids will love eating in such plates

Something I consider buying for my kitchen soon

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