Dienstag, 30. April 2013

Dali's world, in Mitte

Welcome in the world of Dali
As a teenager, I was passionate about Dali and did not miss any opportunity to visit any temporary or permanent exhibition set up in the towns I was visiting or living. I went to one in Vienna and even went to Figueras and took a look at the spectacular castle dedicated to Gala.

Unaware about the dispute with Gala Foundation, I avoided to see the permanent exhibition in Berlin, because I felt that I grew up and I needed somehow a big break from Dali and from surrealism in general. But today was the big day when I decided that for 1 hour and 30 minutes I should feel like any tourist visiting Berlin and stopping by to see the exhibition. Not surprisingly, I was familiar with some of the works - the illustrations of Carmen, Alice in Wonderland and Don Quijote - but most of the works I've seen were completely new for my eye.

A white piano with a tree in the middle of the water
Some of the works are really special and reminded me that he is a real genius, able to completely change the style from a work to another, while keeping its themes and interpretations, but also to address easily from ads - wonderful 6 lithographies of French regions for the Societe Nationale des Chemins de Fer - to medals for the Los Angeles Olympic Games or grotesque illustrations of Gargantua and Pantagruel (if you want to bring your children with you for the exhibition it is not exactly a good idea) to various religious drawings (don't expect piety). 

Pictures and movies are adding more insights into the works and glamorous life of Dali. When I visited the museum, a Tuesday afternoon before the May 1st, it was full of visitors and the giggling girls at the reception had a lot of work to do. Taking pictures it is not allowed, but there are no restrictions apparently against using the phone and giving loudly details about the schedule for the rest of the day. In the exit area, there is a small corner where one can buy the classical Dali books and postcards, and some tables where to sip a coffee before going to the next museum or any of the attractions that abound around Potsdamer Platz. 

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