Mittwoch, 24. April 2013

The long road to Russia, and back home

Some love to travel to Toscana and Asia and bring back colourful pictures full of exotic lights and never ending parties. Volker Kreidler goes to the East of Europe, on the traces of old battles in the search of places where history has many stories and many discontents. The fragments of life presented at Automobile Forum Unter den Linden, that can be seen for free till 20th of May, are not the usual photographies that one may love to look at when trying to find a destination for the next summer vacation. 

Travelling intensively for years in the former Soviet space - he had another exhibition at Neuses Museum, 'Russians and Germans' -, carrying always the useful weapons of 'maps, cash, vodka and humour', Kreidler reveals the world beyond the glossy magazines and the party beats of the expensive Moscow clubs. Some landscapes look like slices of an empty and fallen world, when only the traces of garbage remind that once humans lived there. Some are keeping the colours of unique corners of natural beauty, forests where decades ago Germans and Russians were fighting for power. An interesting section of the exhibition presents various buildings in Moscow, built in the constructivist style, whose pattern can be recognized in many former communist countries. 

Those interested to listen to the author's presentation of his work, they have the occasion to meet him on May 12, at 2pm. 

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