Freitag, 14. März 2014

Foodie Berlin: Aux Plaisirs in Schöneberg

I am not very familiar with Schöneberg, but I was always told that there are lots of interesting places to know and taste. One of the busy days of the last week, was hanging around the iconic City Hall, looking for a place to kill some time before a delayed meeting and I could not resist the call of the French name. 
Inside, a small place, with around 6 tables, mostly taken, filled with the music of Aznavour and later Brel. While trying to order in German, I've heard French from the kitchen and my words were smiling.
There were many temptations to chose from - éclair, or tartes or salty quiches -, but I was happy with a cappuccino brought with an almost Mexican model on the top, and a raspberry/blueberry cake, with crackers base. I decided to enjoy my time there, and started first to continue reading my book, sipping the cappuccino and tasting the cake bit by bit. 
At the beginning, I found the cake a bit too sweet, but the crackers fortress and the fresh fruits bring the good balance back. Most probably, a big glass of water or a tea from the interesting Chinese selection was recommended to accompany the cake tasting. But I think it is a high art to find the right sweet proportion for a cake that already have natural sweetness from the fruits.  
During my hour of waiting, people were coming and going, staying for a while or taking away some delicious 'plaisirs'. The breakfast can be taken till 14.00 so it also suits tourists tired from the city hiking the day before. 
Sometimes, the most pleasant things are taking place completely unexpected!

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