Samstag, 8. März 2014

Foodie Berlin: Nepalese Everest Restaurant

It seems that most if not all the Nepalese restaurants in Berlin have the name Everest, but this one is relatively new in town. For almost 2 months, I promised myself that I will have a tasting lunch during the happy hour - 4.90 EUR. for a 3-course menu till 4pm, and compared to many restaurants in Berlin, you can also pay by credit card - but inevitably, all my emergencies were taking place during this period of time. 
Resigned to my situation, the last Monday, I took my camera and my notebook and paid a visit to the restaurant decided to finally get into the Nepalese mood. 
It is situated close to both U-Bahn Fehrberlinner Platz and Blissestrasse, on Brandenburgische Str. 71, very close to the Wilmersdorf city hall. Relatively busy during the happy hours - followed half an hour after by some cocktail happy hour - it was almost empty when I visited. 
While I was trying to take a decision about my lunch, I was brought some Indian crunchy bread with some well seasoned spicy sauces. Some of the sauces were really hot!
Generally not a bit fan of soups, I tried to make a change this time and ordered a cream ko jholo veggie soup, with white flour, peas, carrots, soy sauce. It was brought very hot - the order was delivered relatively fast - and had an excellent taste: creamy, very soft and fresh, a bit salty and moderately aromated.  
While waiting for my second meal, I was looking around. I must confess that the ambiance is not the strong point of the restaurant, with a quite modest and cheap looking furniture. The Nepalese carpets on the wall makes a difference though as it does the traditional background music.
But I was mostly there to get some insight about the Nepalese cuisine, and the second meal helped me better. Shahi Paneer was a combination of three different meals: the rice, the Paneer - a neutral taste with the sweet tomato sauce and cashews - plus the fresh salad, without any kind of oil. Brought on the same plate together they bring a lot of energy and satiety. Strongly recommended if you are really hungry! The only regret was that the rice was not hot enough to keep the same temperature 15 minutes after brought.
I was undecided which dessert to try and we were relatively out of time, so rather preferred to call for the bill and get ready for the next stop of the afternoon. Maybe there is a Nepalese art of thought reading because together with the bill I was offered as a house present a small bowl with a perfumed and equally tasty yoghurt with cinnamon. It was my possible first choice when had the first look at the menu! Probably I was offered a second chance to taste something really good and simple. All you need is a pinch of cinnamon added to your plane yoghurt. 
I left the restaurant with a big smile on my face, as I enjoyed some Nepalese hospitality and also a good meal. Maybe the next time will try to make more time to visit the restaurant during the happy hours, just because I am sure there are more tasty secrets in the Everest's kitchen waiting for me.   

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