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Made in Berlin: Lillika Eden, an eco-design clothes and jewellery concept

Berlin is often branded as a creative city, where startups are mushrooming at every corner and hipsters are the standard of success. I don't like stereotypes - at all - and I am always trying to find out things that are not necessarily obvious, and this goes both with ideas and people. Thus, I launched my own research, Made in Berlin, looking for different success stories of the city. 
For this week, read the story of Julia Muthig, the creative mind of Lillika Eden, an interesting design concept. 
She was born near Frankfurt, in Hofheim am Taunus, and started her love story with drawing as a kid. With 17 years, she spent one year in Japan as an exchange student, where she got to know the language and the culture. Back home, Julia decided to pursue her dream and studied Fashion Design in Zurich. 'Since it always was my dream to have my own Fashion Label, I founded Lillika Eden and was able to start last year working full time at it and realizing my first collection called Pure for autumn/winter 2014/15', she said.
Here is a short interview following a discussion and an overview of the collection I made a couple of weeks ago:

What is the main concept of your business?

We unite sustainability and elegance with premium quality and a fair and local production and are located in Berlin, Germany. With “Pure”, our first collection, we offer clothes for women made of organic materials with simple and clear shapes and lines in sizes 32 – 46. In this way, we as a young label are responding to the needs of wearers rather than those of the fashion industry. For us, beauty is not a matter of clothes size. 

Why did you choose Berlin?

I always was connected somehow to Berlin, because my whole family is coming from here. Only I was born and raised near Frankfurt am Main, as my parents and grandparents moved away from Berlin before I was born. But a big part of my family is still living here.
But Berlin is also known for its creativity and has become the fashion design capital of Germany, so I thought Berlin would be perfect to start my fashion label.
What do you think Berlin can offer as a business center for young designers and creatives?

Berlin offers a lot of big events throughout the whole year, with a lot media attention. For me as a fashion designer the most important is the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week that takes place 2 times a year. Berlin has a lot of interesting people and companies that make it possible for me to realize my collections. This city has everything you need for private as well as business life and is especially beautiful during the summer months when the sun is shining and everything is green and in full bloom. 

What are your business plans for 2014?

In January we started the year with the Fashion Week in Berlin and presented our first collection in the Green Showroom. Further we are now working on an online shop for our label as well as our new collaboration partner that produces eco-friendly detergent and goes really well together with our sustainable clothes.
Of course we are planning also the next collection and to attend the Fashion Week again in summer. 

Photos provided by Lillika Eden

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