Samstag, 1. März 2014

Foodie review: Araya Thai

A visit to Araya Thai restaurant was in the cards for over a year. Tonight, after a relatively uneventful 24 hours, I wanted to see something new and after a little walk around Ku'damm, I dared to enter. It was relatively quiet for a Saturday evening - the restaurant is open in the weekend till 23.00 - with only 2 other tables taken. Inside, an intimate experience, not overcharged by decorations, with a quiet pop Thai background music. 
The service was relatively fast, and in less than 10 minutes, my Tao Hoo Phad King (tofu, with champignons and Chinese mushrooms, ginger and carots) was brought, on a hot plate. The rice, delicious and good cooked accompanied the main meal. As drinks, I wanted a green tea.  
The meal was mild, with a good combination of tastes that didn't requested additional salt or pepper. Not spicy at all, with a natural flavour of ginger that was pleasantly surprising and very tonic. The green tea helped the digestion. In the corner of the main plate, a meticulous veggie installation, made under the gracious Thai art standards. One day, will learn how to do it, I promise myself. 
I ate with pleasure and enjoy the tastes but did not feel full so decided that the rambutan compote can be a good happy ending of my late meal. And I was right. It was brought with two icecubes - don't remember when I saw the last time icecubes at a German restaurant - and tasted delicious, although a bit too sweet. 
Compared with the cheap Thai restaurants fro the Eastern side, it cannot be considered very affordable, but adding the good and fast service, the delicious meals and the diversity of the menu, I can say it is a right price (and less than 20 EUR. anyway). It also has take-away service that, as far as I observed, is ready within 15 minutes. 

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