Freitag, 29. Oktober 2010

Intercultural shaking (hands)

Last week, I was happy to meet over a cup of coffee at Hackescher Markt my Brazilian friend. Short academic updates and experience sharing of our lives at the opposite corners of the world. We left together, direction Muji, to meet a German friend, with whom established to shop together from Muji. I found her already in the front of the shop and, as a polite and well educated person, made the introduction. My Brazilian friend, jumped naturally to kiss her. My German friend made two steps behind, also very naturally and starred at her very coldly. We chit-chat for a couple of seconds and before the good bye shaking hands and, with a gazelle unpredictable jump, my Brazilian friend hug and kiss on the check the German friend. And smiled. Me too, observing all this civilization ballet. I like my Brazilian friend, she is a good strateg, not only a lively conversation partner!

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