Samstag, 23. Oktober 2010

Salty Monday

The last Monday, curious but not well informed enough, I hurried up to see the newest exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum. If I had less impatience and more interested to check my schedule, I would discover that it the new exhibition is not yet set up. I bit disappointed about my cultural desperation - and the time lost, in a day when I was under pressure to finish some delayed projects - I X-Ray-ed the neighbourhood, for a new intellectual challenge. And found, unexpectedly, at Automobil Forum Unter den Linden, that it was the last day of an exhibition about salt - Faszination Salz. 
Photographies by Fred Lange, a famous German photographer, a salt igloo, various presentations and introductions about the role of salt in providing wealth, building adversities and supporting the various economies. Lange is a well experienced artist, covering aspects from the life of mining communities all over the world. 
An old saying, I remembered while watching the exhibition - together with many kids ready to experiment the salt igloo, a quiet place to rest and touch the crystals - written on a wall is: "You can live without gold, but not without salt". But, at the end of my tour I realized that salt is a gold in itself, and a very valuable resource. And, also, a very tasty resource, at in a corner, at a counter, I had the marvelous occasion to taste various salts, with vanilla, rose, mint...I used to be very proud of my Corsican salt, but after this, I am unhappier than ever as the exhibition is over and I didn't have enough time to buy at least two new salty samples, to change my food into gold. 

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