Donnerstag, 7. Oktober 2010


Toastmasters - the masters of speech. I didn't know about this organization before I've been suggested recently that maybe I would find it interesting to attend a gathering. Never neglect the power of the networks and of the networking. They are organized in several chapters, in Berlin and other places from Germany and all over the world. You can apply for membership, or attend as a guest (my status at the yesterday meeting). A perfect time management and a very entertaining atmosphere, beyond a clear determination of the participants to succeed and convince the judges of their speech skills. 

The capacity to be able to send your messages for any kind of audience is not only the advantage of the highly professionals. Very often, as one of the participant confessed yesterday, we need to go beyond our shyness or our cultural barriers in order to address any kind of audience and to express our ideas and thoughts. You need exercise and self awareness, but also the necessary cultural and educational resources to extract with the high speed of your mind, the best messages. A good gymnastics for the brain I will, definitely, love to continue experiencing myself at the next meetings of the Toastmasters.  

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