Donnerstag, 7. Oktober 2010

My plans for the w/e

There are still another two days until the week-end, but given the busy cultural life of my host city, I have to prepare everything extremely carefully. A must will be the Art Forum, which I attended also the last year. 

The experience of the last year: a lot of participants, artists and galleries, mostly from the German speaking countries but also from Italy or Latin America, covering almost all the trends of arts. I attended with great pleasure the seminars and workshops dedicated to analyse the mainstream business and creative ideas in the world of galleries. One of the main aim of the participants is to find potential clients for the artworks, but the usual visitor, as me, found a lot of opportunities to think about art in the 21st century.

Can't wait to spend there a couple of hours, together with a very good artist friend - in this way I will have as well a professional perspective and a guarantee of challenging conversations.

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