Montag, 6. Mai 2013

Das Stue: Hotel Life in the Livingroom

It is nothing new if I say that I went all over the world and saw many hotels and nice places and I even spent a good slice of my life in hotels of various stars and budgets. And continuing by saying that Das Stue is one of the best I've seen in years, is stereotypical again. Instead, I will say that during the nearly 60 minutes I've spent touring the hotel I felt at home. A big, elegant and welcoming home, where I will recommend to stay to all my friends visiting Berlin. The name of the hotel - 'living room', in Danish - makes a lot of sense. 

A bit of history and a little bit more

Das Stue is situated in a green and convenient location: you can go jogging through the Tierpark and take long walks around, visit the Zoo and even admire some of its residents from the window of your hotel room. In case that you have some olfactory sensitivities because of the usual smell of a Zoo, you need to mention it and your room will have a different view. From the hotel you can walk or take the bus to Postdamer Platz, Friedrichstrasse and do a serious shopping on Ku'damm. Almost all the important tourist benchmarks are within 30 minutes of reach. The architect of the building - former location of the Danish legation during the war, was the architect of the famous KaDeWe, Johann Emil Schmidt, who is situated less than 15 minutes away and thus, you will feel at home when shopping too. 
The building is classified as part of the patrimony a status that limited considerably the choices of the architects. But, as it often happens, instead of affecting the overall aesthetic outlook, the limitations encouraged a lot of bold and creative approaches, trademarked by the multi-awarded architect and interior designer Patricia Urquiola.

Lucky and free

The hotel is privately owned which means also that there is a considerable freedom when it comes to various events organized here. Do you have enough guests for renting the entire hotel and bring them all in the 80 rooms? No problem, you can do it and even you will get some discounts. Since January, the hotel was already full booked for one customer at least three times. The busiest season for such an elegant boutique hotel is during the Fashion week and the week-end of the galleries, and obviously, during the ITB. Gala considered Das Stue as the best location for at least one of their parties and regularly special private events, including wine tasting or other tasty gatherings, are organized here very often. 
Most residents are from Germany and Spain - also due to the special Spanish/Mediterranean food served at the restaurant shepherded by Paco Perez, travelling for pleasure or for various business purposes. The busy businessmen and women are offered not only free wifi, but also rooms with special desks where the work is made easy, but also with facilities for conference rooms enjoying perfect privacy and comfort.  
At the bar, designed by Till Harter the same author of the iconic Bar Tausend in Berlin, besides drinks, one may have some special jazz concerts or other cultural events, such as book readings. 

Let's start the tour

This is one of the wonderful results of the limitations of the building: the architects and designers decided to add new blocks that compliment the existing structure. Each room has its own specificities, facilities and setting and each guest will feel happy to share a special personalized space.

A short view from the balcony: the walls are shaped following an unique technique and the result is a fine pattern that made me think of an exquisite wallpaper. Each corner receive some special personalized and intimate touch: a simple yet elegant lamp here, some flowers there, some colourful chairs in the other corner. Don't forget about the old photographs spread in the rooms, lobby and in other spaces that tries to bring back the short period of Berlin's glamour before the storm.

A small conference room that was ready for a tasty wine tasting. The rooms can be fit for more visitors and for various settings. A mini bar can be arranged and various facilities for presentations and other technical requirements are possible. 

A view from the restaurant. A distinctive feature of many rooms is the copper that adds a lot of warm and light into the space. The restaurants has around 25 courses. The fresh fish is brought from Spain. When I visited, it was still time for breakfast and I spotted many fresh colourful fruits and other tasty meals. For the wine lovers, a special collection of Spanish wines and quality white German wines is ready to be discovered.

From the top of the hotel, the world looks green and extremely pleasant.

Each of the 80 rooms is unique: there are rooms with connecting doors, tailored for families with children, with  different design patterns. If you can't leave without your pet/dog, you may be allowed to bring your little furry friend as well, just have to ask about it. Besides the free Internet, any normal double room has TV Apple connections. The storing space is tailored to offer enough space to arrange your clothes and shopping bags in the most practical way without stealing time from your room. In the double room, a discrete corner allows the elegant ladies to set up their own make-up parlour. 

Another surprise: the mini-bar has a lot of handmade products, most of them unique, such as  the Danish Mama Vodka and the sweet Spanish Happy Pills.  

A relaxing corner where you can go out of the room,  refresh your sight and ideas while going through some design books.

The historical stairway is part of the original building and kept unchanged. Because of the patrimony restrictions it was not possible to build an underground parking space but those travelling by car can use the parking lots of the hotel. 

The conference room where the cooper added an elegant and friendly touch. All the facilities are provided.

For those important persons that need more space, they can take the Bel Etage suite that  has access to a bigger living room, direct access to the conference room, a big desk and a relaxing bedroom area, colourful and suited for the special needs of busy people.

For instance, the bathtub is very inviting.

And the bed from the Bel Etage looks perfect for a lazy morning.

A rain of light is welcoming the guests in the lobby. 

At the end of the day, don't miss to visit the organic spa, using Susanne Kaufmann treatments. In case that you want to keep yourself fit but don't fancy the idea of a jogging through the Tierpark, there is possible to use the fitness facilities from the hotel. 
Life is short, so why not spending time in a beautiful ambiance, and enjoying the pleasure of a home when away from home? 


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