Sonntag, 1. Januar 2012

1 January 2012 - The day after

It was a long night, last night. Everything started around 7pm - the sound of powerful explosions all over an area otherwise quiet and without too many humans on the street during the normal rush hours. And it continued for hours and hours thereafter. Practically, almost everyone - except us - hosted for a little while a hard artillery, at affordable prices and without too much control. The highest moment of intensity was around 12am and continued at length for almost two hours. The weather - mild rain and warm - encouraged people to stay longer and use all their fire gadgets. Didn't see too much spectacular fireworks, but I'm sure that in areas as Brandenburg Gate, where people stayed for long hours shoulder by shoulder, the effects were worth the efforts. It was enough free champagne for all.

Late in the morning - around 11am - the streets were dirty as never before. In other corners of the city - Spandau - it was almost empty, with 2-3 restaurants open but with hardly one table occupied. 

Probably, many spent a great time and are hoping for a better year. 

Did you say war???

People were very well prepared...

Nobody on the street, but an impressive amount of garbage

Spandau in the afternoon...quiet and very clean

A former star of a former glorious party, in the same Spandau area

Quiet streets...

Time to dismantle the huge tree...

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