Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2012

The monthly bag of empty plastic bottles

This is a post I planned to write for over a year. But as my daily activities are very diverse and the opportunities to write something new are challenging in big number my writing talents, I didn't.
A couple of minutes ago I found the picture and taking into account the previous eco-post it seemed I am in the right mood to continue with the nature-friendly Berlin stories.
The following very little explanation may be useful for someone very new in Berlin. If you would see ladies and gentlemen, of various levels of education, income and age, carrying with them big - unesthetic - bags with empty bottles, don't stop in the middle of the road starring at them. Sooner or later you would be like them - unless you agree with the idea of losing some money for ever by each purchase of a bottle of fresh drinks. 
Your price added to the value of the bottle is working as an insurance aiming to determine you bringing it back for the further re-se and recycling. The average for each bottle is around 0.20 Eurocents. Theoretically, after bringing back 10 bottles, you may get enough funds for buying new drinks. A kind of investment, just in the case that one day you will run out of money, isn't it?
The problem is always of finding enough place to deposit them and enough energy to facilitate their transportation to the first food or drinks' shop. You may recover your money directly at the counter, or by using big automatic machines that are X-raying each bottle and evaluate the price. In the case your bottle is not sell in that supermarket, the bottle is rejected. As simple as that: be so kind and find the correct distributor of your beverage.
Overall, the mechanisms are very simple, don't you think?
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