Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2012

Evening at Kopps

Late evening at Kopps, in Mitte. I visited the place for the second time but the ambiance didn't change: quiet, few tables taken, English speaking customers, hectic but funny waiters. 

The menu is different from a moment of the day to another. Last time I tried some vegan pancakes I wished to taste again. No way, as it was the breakfast offer.

From the very beginning I loved the design of the place. The mirrors are conferring a specific depth to the rooms. The visit at Kopps wasn't planned but I was lucky enough to have the camera with me. Photo mission of the day accomplished.

The lights of an unusual mild winter. 

I don't like the chairs too much, but the tables and the colors of the furniture are creating a pleasant cozyness.

Nobody on the street around 10pm.

When I left, around 23.00, there were no other customers. Some of the waiters were smoking outside and the tables were cleaned and ready for the next working day.

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