Dienstag, 3. Januar 2012

Morning or afternoon at Konditorei Fester in Spandau

You can call me 'old style' but long time ago, for an hour or so, I enjoyed a quiet hour of reading outside Konditorei Fester.
A traditional place since 1928, it is strategically located in an area where you will rarely find the usual fast life from other areas of the city. The tourists visiting the area are respecting the discret lifestyle of the inhabitants and you'll rarely see here large groups of tourists, as most part of them are mostly going to visit the old Zitadelle.  

Why it is place special in comparison with other smaller or bigger coffee places around? 
During the summer, if you are lucky enough to catch a place outside - usually there are maximum 6 - you will enjoy a calm and quiet view of the main pedestrian area. In the meantime, you will be served a delicious coffee or tea, together with tasty and affordable cakes for various tastes.  

The service is very friendly and always smiling.

If you need some special cakes for special occasions, you can order it at very good prices. There are various offers for various seasons and the marzipan is rarely missing out of this delicious picture. 

I know I'm a dreamer, but can't wait the spring again for a new visit at this tasty place. 
Season decorations for the winter. Top marzipan cakes and pancakes among the favorites. To be served with or without gluehwein.

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