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4. Berliner Tourismusmesse 2012

As I am ready for new adventures, I felt the need to finish with the updates from previous weeks. One of my big debts was the tour I made two weeks ago at the 4. Berliner Tourismusmesse, organized by Woerlitz, who reminded me when I used their services and sent me a kind invitation for two persons. The invitation included the entrance and a free tour of Berlin, outlining the "criminal history" of the city. The topic was revealed later, when I was already in the cozy Mercedes Benz bus. As I never went on a tour of Berlin I was curious to try it once, and most probably I would not have been interested in such a niche topic. But, after one hour and maybe 20 minutes, I may confess that I enjoyed the idea - with the exception of some ridiculous remarks of the guide about why there are so many English works in the German advertising and on the German streets in general. The tour was in German, for an audience of over 60 yo, but still this is not an excuse for ridiculous remarks. People enjoyed so most probably I was the only one out of common.

The venue was very busy with visitors, most part of them arrived in big groups of over 60. This is one of the reasons why the fair was focused primarily on health tourism, featuring many spa resorts from Germany, Austria or Poland. Among the exhibitors there were hotels, resorts and touristic regions.
The ambiance was friendly, with welcoming guides ready to introduce to your services. Those booking on place were the happy beneficient of substantial fees. The focus was Germany and the German-speaking countries, but there were also displayed interesting offers from Croatia, Turkey, Italy or some Middle Eastern countries. 

For the entertainment, there were lots of drink tasking moments. Wines, local drinks - Becherovka is a German-Czech drink based on herbs - and other Polish spirits. As I didn't try I cannot give any special insights about this activity. But people were smiling and this was important, after all.
Another tasty corner of wine, featuring German wines. As a wine drinker, I prefer the sweet red wines from the Middle East, but the weather conditions decided a different fate for the German wines, that despite my exotic choices are highly appreciated abroad.
If the holiday hopping was too much, some massage was available for curious customers. As usual in public events in Germany, people are not very happy to see an innocent girl with a camera wandering around. 
A honest TV crew was registering the opinions of the participants about the fair and the tourism in Germany and Berlin. In a city without significant industry, tourism represents one of the main assets and one of the most important source of revenue. 
At the end of the fair, the happy winners of a tombola were announced at open stage. Again, relaxed people, looking happy at their colourful leaflets and thinking about their next holiday abroad from home. From many points of view, I fully envy the quiet life of many retired Germans. 
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