Mittwoch, 4. Januar 2012

Fast food at LPG Biomarkt

Two little beasts were very hungry yesterday, after hours of touristic running for catching the best sun spots. After one hour the sun's hidded power vanished and I was back under the grey sky. So, wanted to try something new and, as in my poor Western area is only one LPG Biomarkt and not very close to my place, I spent some time admiring the merchandise. I visited the vegan/vegetarian/bio canteen, with many children enjoying their quiet games in their special corner but wasn't tempted to try something. At the end, the cafeteria at the entrance corrupted me and convinced me to stay for a little bit more, for tasting a pumpkin quiche - delicious, but I don't remember exactly the taste - and a cinnamon bread. All bio, natural, healthy. Not extremely cheap, but, I repeat for the last time: there were bio, natural healthy. And tasty as well.

 The nice autumn colours convinced me to stay, buy and taste on the site.
This was the delicious threat of the day. Fresh pastry, good concentration of cinnamon and a very attractive smell. I should try it at home too...

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