Dienstag, 28. Mai 2013

A new adventure: discovering BoeseBubenBar

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Summer is always my best time of the year for social life in Berlin, as friends from all over the world are visiting the city (and me) and there are plenty of outdoor places to try. Till I will start my long session of travels, somewhere in July, I have a serious plans of places I want to see and write about, but some diversions are always welcomed. Today, one of my busiest day in weeks, I went on the Eastern side of Spree, in the so-called 'Regierungsviertel' to a place called Boesenbubenbar. If not the rain that was playing with everyone's nerves every 20 minutes, I would have like a different place with more attractive outdoor opportunities, but as it is hard to call this weather summer-wise, the indoor option sounded safe. 

I only had a coffee but spotted some cakes, just in case
Read, play and have your looong breakfast

In winter and autumn is a great place to kill some hours especially if you love (German) books as the walls are stuffed with a variety of books in German, from biographies to sophisticated philosophy reviews and children books. If you are visiting the place with a group of friends and you are not too much into discussion about big things, grab one of the society games and play. It could be a good idea for the tourists waiting the rain to go, and go and go as far away as possible. Another good news for the tourists, many of them hosted in many hotels from the streets around: breakfast can be tasted till 4pm and with around 5-7 Euro you can have a good coffee with some cakes or even some specialities, like Soljanka, quiches (with or without meat) or Omas Kartoffelsuppe. The food is presented on nice plates. The menu we had at our table, looked a bit creepy, with the list scattered in the pages of a book written in Gottisch. A kind of 'catch me if you know where' game. 

The ambiance is pleasant (except a lady waitress who was not in a lilly fee mood today), with a lot of vintage corners and objects, not all of them of the perfect taste and the first impression could be that you entered an Antique shop. Lectures are held regularly, probably not from the books on the shelves (many of them old). 

A historical moment: in this picture you have 5 seconds of sun  in between 50 minutes of rain
I am not sure that I will come back any time soon (fingers crossed that today is the last rainy day of the next 7 days), but at least once in a while a tourist detective as me should enter such places. Some little cute diamonds might be hidden in a little cup of coffee.

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