Dienstag, 7. Mai 2013

The lost Itten Schule in Berlin. Finding the traces of Bauhaus on Kostanzerstrasse

I am for a long time admirer of the colourful works of Paul Klee and I am very interested in the Bauhaus movement so it was only a matter of time till I would visit the new exhibition from Martin Gropius Bau. The event took place yesterday and I was really happy to enjoy the colours, the maze of colours and the long journeys that Johannes Itten and Paul Klee went through in a crazy century. I am not extremely happy of the comparative type of exhibitions when you are like forced to find out the similarities between two or more works, but in this case the similarities were quite natural. Even though I loved the games of colours with the complication geometry and calculations, I preferred the figurative works and those telling me a story. 

After the exhibition, I got a new journalistic assignment: Itten Schule in Berlin, created in 1926 was hosted from 1929 till 1939 (when it was closed by the dictatorship) on Konstanzerstrasse 14, an area where I go quite often but where I did not remember any memorial mention about it. On my way back home, I paid a visit to the place and I had the confirmation that the place is only in the memory of history books. Most probably, the place was destroyed during the war. Now, there you can find a colourful blue building, hosting a dentist cabinet. 

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