Dienstag, 7. Mai 2013

George Grosz has his square in Berlin

Summer is a great occasion to discover new places and spots in the city. As someone who does not like winter, cold and rain at all, I prefer to use the short summer time in Berlin to walk around as much as possible and get the best view of every old and new corner. 

The official opening took place on 6 July 2010
For a couple of weeks already I want to focus on George Grosz Square on Ku'damm. Grosz was the Toulouse Lautrec of a city going through crazy times. The irony of his drawings put him on the black list of the terror times of the 30s. Influenced by Dadaism, but also by Cubism and Expressionism, he moved to the States where he lived till 1959 when he moved back to Berlin and died shortly after in the house of his parents-in-law in Savigny Platz.

The Square is situated on Ku'damm, opposite Haus Cumberland. It is an open space with banks, green trees and at least one coffee where you can spend time reading the latest news after intensive shopping on Ku'damm. 

Grosz's signature, on mosaik

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