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Guided tours for art lovers in Berlin

When you don't have too much time to spend in Berlin, you need guidance. Especially if you are an art lover, you may want to see the best and as a creative person, from a different perspective. Leslie Vettermann from Kustwege offers a different category of tours for the tourists interested in the classy Berlin. 

- What kind of tours do you offer? What does it mean an art tour in Berlin? Do you also include galleries?

Kunstwege Berlin offers different kind of tours – tours through museums like the Brücke-Museum Berlin - where you can discover the German Expressionism - the ÄgyptischesMuseum – so many things from the ancient Egyptian time are exhibited there - or the Gemäldegalerie – where you can get to know artworks made by artists like Rembrandt or Rubens.
Guided tours through the Pergamon-Museum are planned. But I also offer tours through the city- always with a focus on art and culture! For example I created a city tour about the famous Prussian architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel, where a walk over the Museumsinsel is included.
The art tours of Kunstwege Berlin are suitable for kids, school classes or travel groups. On my homepage it´s possible to book a “turnkey” tour or - when there are special whishes – to make an individual tour.
At the moment I don´t offer tours through galleries, I want to extend my program of art tours through the city.

- What are the languages of the tours?

The guided tours are bookable in German and in English language.
Leslie at Gemaeldegalerie 
Personal collection Leslie Vettermann

- When is the highest season?

I would say the highest season is spring and summer - then a lot of people are visiting our beautiful capital city and you can spend a lot of time outside and discover Berlin. That is why I´m very happy to be able to offer now guided tours through the city to show visitors the cultural beauties and artworks in the city.
Autumn and winter are good seasons to make a tour through the museums and to get to know another side of Berlin’s culture.

- What is your guided tour offers to someone visiting a museum compared with the usual audio and printed guides offered usually?

My tours are always very vivid and true to life, I can respond to questions and bring people in a closer contact to the artworks they see – a printed or an audio guide can´t answer special questions or create the walk through the museum or city in a colorful way. That´s my big advantage and I love it to explain the visitors the cultural treasures of the different museums and exhibitions.

- What are your recommendations for someone visiting Berlin for the summer?

At the moment there´s a great exhibition in the Stiftung Brandenburger Tor – located at the Pariser Platz  - which is called “Daumier is ungeheuer!”. Honoré Daumier was a famous French artist of the 19. Century and he made a lot of ironical-satiric and political lithographic prints for newspapers. It´s worth seeing it! I´m also offering guided tours through this exciting exhibition!
But besides I would recommend going outside to enjoy the summer in Berlin, to sit in a café and perhaps to visit one of the museums- there are really a plenty of fantastic exhibitions!

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  1. Fantastische Idee mit der fliegenden Schildgröte an der Wand. Kinder lieben Phantasie und Monsters, wie dieses zum Beispiel von Max Ernst, was vielleicht für einige Kinder noch zu schrecklich ist. Aber dafür gibt es ja noch eine grosse Auswahl bei wo sie zwischen soviel schönen Kindermotiven auswählen können. Und dann lassen Sie es sich einfach rund um den Globus liefern.