Mittwoch, 22. Mai 2013

Luxury for fashion

I feel like it is autumn again, and soon it will start snowing (again), but I recently read that even things are getting bad one should always keep smiling and it is what I am trying to do without looking out of the window. In order to reward my very productive day of writing today, I offered myself a bus trip to Kulturforum for an exhibition about luxury and fashion and fine jewellery. I had to walk around 5-7 minutes through the rain and I did not like it but it was enough time to meditate about maybe moving in a tropical country where I will be always happy with the weather (and not only).

If the weather is fine one can wear gorgeous jewellery, at least as good looking as the pieces I've seen at the exhibition. Produced by artisans from US, France, Canada or Germany (for instance Henkel and Grosse were Dior jewellery man in Germany), the pieces of fashion art are part of the Fior Collection London. Till 2001, Fior was one of the provider of costume jewellery for many European royal families as well as for great actresses like Ava Gartner or Liz Taylor.

The exhibition can be seen in maximum one hour, if you resist leaving so fast such a wonderful collection of beautiful things. In my case, I did not have any option, as I arrived only 60 minutes before the closing time (6pm). On the walls, images were presenting the different stages of the history of fashion, illustrated with photographies from the Fashion Imagery Collection, apparently one of the biggest of this kind. The explanations help to fix in history various stages, from the creation of the 1947 New Look woman by Dior (interesting that after the war people still had some time for lust), to the hippie ladies and the beginning of the working women, many introduced to the public through the American TV series 'Dallas' and 'Dynasty'. 

Beautiful things make anyone feel good and even I did not like all the pieces of the exhibition, there are enough brooches and necklaces that I would love to wear. I counted only 2 models of rings, but I forgot that you need any, give the creative models of brooches - many bearing the signature of Marcel Boucher - that are real pieces of art. 
At least the bracelet is closely to my style. The blue stones are beautiful.

Some of the finest pieces

One of the most creative brooches I've seen

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