Donnerstag, 22. August 2013

A Foreigner at the Barbie House

Even though I did not grow up as a kid with a Barbie doll, and I am not a big fan of the idea, I decided that I want to pay a visit to the Barbie house in Berlin acting under the impulse of curiosity. I've been to Disneyland and I've found interesting the constructions and design of a world of dreams so why not taking the advantage of going to see the pink show? As the house is still open till the 1st of September and I will be away the next week, I hurried up to. After around 40 minutes of trying to find the location - it always happens like this when I go East - I succeeded to find the location. Everything was built new a couple of months ago and from outside, it looks like a Hollywood setting diminished for the size of Berlin. A cafe with tables outside, serving icecream and doughnuts, and a huge pink shoe were the welcome card to the visitor. 
After buying my ticket, I was invited in a big pink elevator. The 'windows' played movies with Barbie speaking German about her wonderful life and adventures. One will visit all the stores of the house: bedroom, living room, closet - an impressive space that a Barbie girl or not, anyone of us dreamed about, at least for enjoying such a generous space. Not everything is pink, as you can see - especially in the wedding room area -, but true is that most part of the house is. 
With a bracelet received at the entrance, the children can access various electronic outlets that offer fragments of Barbie's life. The children also have sheets of paper for colouring. At the last stop, 'Barbie in Paris', a small neutral reconstruction of a corner of Paris, children are singing and dancing on a stage. There are also some beauty corners, with nail polishes and make-up available to try. 
It is interesting to observe the design of the furniture and of the rooms in general, likening the general style of some American houses. Berlin and Germany in general is more minimalist and less, much less glamorous, including when it comes to girls education. I can't imagine how a German variant of 'Sex in the City' can look like. However, I am sure that even for a couple of hours, children will enjoy an adventure in Barbie land. Everything is simple, colourful and entertaining. A true 'Barbie house experience'.

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