Mittwoch, 7. August 2013

Researching Berlin fashion, at Savigny Platz

I am trying to get as much as possible information about the Berlin fashion those days, and where else can I do the best research but on the streets and in the boutiques? Of course I did read a lot of books about the history and the state-of-arts of the Berlin fashion and design industry. And I am also very careful to look as much as possible around trying to understand the latest trends (not easy, I must confess). However, I noticed lately that this year it seems that compared to previous seasons, more girls are trying to be more stylish and wear skirts and dresses and maybe a bit of nice make-up too. I feel a little less snobbish then. 
Nothing compares with the feeling of entering a shop and moving around, looking at the models and textures, eventually asking some details or even trying some of them. Of course I am not buying anything, unless for the sake of the documentation.
Yesterday, I did some basic research in the area around Savigny Platz, situated between Ku'damm and Wilmersdorferstrasse. On one end you have the top fashion industry and prices, on the other the cheap and common type of clothes. It is a great place not only for fashion, but also for bars and restaurants, some of them with live music late in the weekend nights. Who says we don't have entertainment in the West?

It looks colourful and small, and it is situated in an area under construction right now. When you see clothes hanging out in the front of the shop you can expect some cheap second-hand items, but in reality the prices are quite high, even during the sales, with an average of 40-50 Euro, or even more. The Indian/Oriental colours and texture are applied to X-XL shapes. It is recommended for 50+, but if you search a bit more and you like the extra-large hippie style, you can surely find something, including skirts and dresses. The space is small and the customer service is non-existent - meaning if you ask you will receive the answer, otherwise no one will bother you.
This is a shop presenting things more closer to my style. It is close to a hair saloon and the only annoyance may be the first time when you hear the subway over, as it is situated exactly under the railway area. It is cleanly designed, with a lot of space and a smiling customer service. There are mostly urban outfits, for simple hipster ladies, from 25 yo on. Expect products made in France, Italy or designed by Filippa K. Medium to high prices. The kind of shop where you go just in case that you will find something you don't need at all.
On the right side of the exit from the S-Bahn you will find my favourite fashion boutique in the area, presenting mostly creations by the Swiss fashion designer Esther Thomas. Lovely dresses and blouses, made from flowerly textures. A good branding for Switzerland are also the picturesque postcards aimed to present the prices (high for the Berlin standards, but who cares when you really love what you wear) and some details about the products. Fine cashmere addicts, get ready to find 1-2-3-4-5 items that you may want to take home. A couple of products are aimed for elegant and cute looking children. I loved the colours, size and designs too. 
The last stop of my mini-fashionista tour opened the door to a shop similar in style with the one I started with, except the interior design and the diversity of the products. You can find happy-hippie models, but also some evening options. I saw 2 interesting models of bags - imitating the size of a hat box - that I would love to wear one day. The interior design is funny (it looks better from outside), with some kitschy big lights and a huge flower at the entrance. 
Warning available for all shops I've visited: no proper air condition and if you go there when outside there are around 35 Celsius, expect to feel a higher heat wave. Surprisingly, none of those shops did to care too much about the way in which their shop look like. 
To be continued.

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